Friday, February 25

Companion Piece

Niño Colombiano
14" x 16"
Pastel and charcoal

Well, I'm coming to the end of my Colombian reference material. Isn't this little guy a cutie? It's actually a companion piece for "Planted by the River".

He's a coastal kid, from a fishing village, and his story is very similar to "La Minera", with a distinct African heritage. The post he's hanging on to is on a dock.

On another note, today is my birthday, and I'm very excited to say that my birthday present from my hub is a trip!! Yes! I can't wait to take piles of pictures of people for new reference material. Oh to have a telephoto...

Tuesday, February 22

Planted by the River

"Planted by the River"
Charcoal and pastel
14" x 16"

I was (graciously) asked to do a picture for a celebration of Psalm 1, and this is what came of it. I really wanted to paint a child by a river bank, symbolizing the faith of a little kid. It's just what I picture in my head when I read the psalm.

I find that if I can "see" what I am reading, if I put myself into the story, then it sticks. Drawing the passage makes it a part of me.

It ended up being a kind of dark picture in the rendering, (which worried me!) but a crisp white matting and a clean black frame really set it off.

Thursday, February 17

New Drawing

"La Minera"
9" x 12"
Pan pastel

This is a picture of a girl from a mining town in rural Colombia, who worked in the mines. The picture intrigued me: is she sad? Tired? What is she thinking? I really loved rendering her.

Along the coast in Colombia, there is a large population of people with African heritage, arriving centuries ago as slaves. It's so sad to think about the slave trade history of Colombia, and of the world, really.

Wednesday, February 16

Art Show!

14" x 20"

This guy is going into a show! He and two other paintings, ("Tejiendo" and "Slingshot") were juried into the Fashion Has No Borders show! My first show! I'm so glad I get to do it with my mom (Joanne Giesbrecht). She'll show me the ropes.

Here's the poster for the art show at the Big Four. (Eeeep!)

Monday, February 14

Colombian Girl

"Colombian Girl"
9" x 12"

This is a sketch that I began last night, and finished today while the kids went to the neighbor's pond for a skate. She's a Colombian girl. I like how her face comes "out" of the mess in the background.

Many of you know that my husband and his family worked and ministered many years in Colombia, so it has a special place in our hearts. We see so many parallels between Mexico's present state of violence, and Colombia's past history of violence. I hope that Mexico can come out of the mess that they are in, much like Colombia has emerged from the violence that they were mired in for so long. Like the sketch, I hope that beauty can emerge from ugliness.

On a happier Mom and Dad gave me an early birthday gift this morning--a tabletop drawing board, so that I no longer have to hunch over my lap to draw! It was so blissful that I drew far too long! (Is there such a thing?)

Anyway, I thought you might like to see how I spend my evenings.

Saturday, February 12


10" x 10"

My husband, Kurt, has a way with people. He also has a great eye for capturing people in pictures. The last time he was in Cuba, he started up a conversation with this little boy, who had made his own slingshot. Ingenious kid, really. He was such a beautiful guy, sitting in the middle of a concrete yard, this precious smile on his face, surrounded by bleakness.

I loved painting him.

Thursday, February 10

14" x 20"

So here's the first posting of actual art. "Tejiendo" is a piece I hope to enter into a show.

This lady was sitting on a curb in Quito, Ecuador, crocheting. She's wearing all the traditional clothing of the Quechua people, which is good because of how cold it gets up there above 9000 feet.

I love Ecuador. It's where my husband spent his growing up years, and it is a special place, full of beautiful people.

Kid Art

My nickname is "kid". I sign all my paintings and drawings this way, in fact...just so you know. My husband gave me this name the first time we met, and he never calls me by my real name unless I am in trouble!! It really describes heart, anyway. Once upon a time, it reflected my age.

I am a new-ish artist, and am now to the point where I am producing enough art to be able to begin to post regularly. I am also a mom with young kids, homeschooling, and only here in Canada for the year, as I reside overseas. So, with all that busyness, it has been hard to be able to do enough to have a blog!

However, here I am, baby. Ready or not...