Tuesday, March 8

See, Dad?

"So There!"
11" x 16"
Pastel on toned paper

While talking to my dad the other day, I mentioned that there is a family interested in commissioning me to do a portrait of them. He asked where they lived, who they were, etc. and said, "Hmmm...have you ever drawn white people before?" Snicker.

So, I put the Turkish ladies on hold, and found this fella on wiresmash.com in a piece about hockey players over 80 years of age. I drew him to show Dad that not only can I draw white people, I can draw old guys, wrinkly guys, guys behind glass visors, and with missing teeth! So there!

On a serious note, this one was really fun to draw. He had me smiling along with him the entire time.

Wednesday, March 2

Cuna Native

"Cuna Native"
8 1/2" x 11"
Pastel, chalk

This beautiful girl is a Cuna native, from a relatively large tribe in both Colombia and Central America. Only 500 tribe members were surviving in remote, dense jungles of Colombia as of the mid '80s, and because they are a band that survives solely on agriculture and selling elaborate hand-made canoes, they have had to fight "progress" for their land and way of life.

The Cuna are a matriarchal society, where the groom will go and live with the bride's family when they wed. Hmm....I think I like this kind of society...

Anyway, next drawing is of a Turkish lady, so you don't think that all I do is one genre. ;)