Monday, June 27

Sneak Peek

When an artist starts feeling "dry", uninspired, we often turn to another subject to paint, or we try another technique, medium, or SOMETHING!! Anything to help get that feeling of motivation back. Sometimes it just falls in your lap, like this latest commission that I have.

I am painting the front grill of a Peterbilt truck. I am SO enjoying it: straight lines, no guesswork, no subtleties! So here is a quick preview of part of the truck. (I'm so ignorant, I don't have any idea what it is I'm painting, just that when all the bits and pieces are put together, they add up to a truck.)

Saturday, June 18


15" x 10"
Pastel on paper

This is the last of the commissioned portraits. "Andrea" was so fun to render. A challenge, but fun. I would like to get a picture of the kids with their portraits, actually. (Just for my sake.) I feel like I got to know these kids through drawing them!

On an unrelated note, I might be taking some time off of blogging as I am struggling with some major tendonitis issues in my drawing hand. I'm hoping for just a couple of weeks of recovery, as I have so many commissions in the queue.

Tuesday, June 14


15" x 10"
Pastel on paper

This little girl has quite a story to tell already. Her biological mother was a drug-addict, and although she knew she was pregnant, did not know that she was expecting twins. When the girls were born, they also were drug-addicted.

This is where my clients enter in. They are amazing people--gentle, funny, caring--and they are also foster parents. They were the first parents in the twins' lives, and they will be the only parents! We recently celebrated their official adoption into this incredible family, and we also celebrated the fact that they They were always meant to be in this family.

It was my pleasure to draw part of this story. A very beautiful part of this story.

Saturday, June 4


20" x 20"
Acrylic on canvas

I tried something new. I needed to try something "looser", and I was dying to paint this beautiful girl, Ayo. Granted, it wasn't the easiest of compositions, being that her face was in shadow, but I gave it a shot anyway, and managed to use bigger strokes to get it done.

Detail of shoulder

The headdress was the most fun, but her face was the most spiritual thing to paint. She has these lion-like eyes that I wanted to capture.

Detail of face

Ayo is from Nigeria, and her name means "joy". She is appropriately named! (Her middle name, I think, is Sunshyne. Isn't that awesome?) When I asked her to pose for me, she asked if she could bring her traditional clothing for the shoot, and I was thrilled. She was the perfect model. The poor girl was up till 3 a.m. taking out her braids afterwards, though! I felt so bad, but I loved painting her. (Thanks, Ayo!)

Nigeria has been in the news lately, with tragic events involving girls in the sex slave trade. When I look at Ayo and her gentle, beautiful spirit, I think about the other Nigerian girls who are awaiting freedom. It's a global problem, and unless we are willing to acknowledge that it is happening, there will not be any change.

Thursday, June 2


15" x 10"
Pastel on paper

This is portrait #2 of the kids I was commissioned to draw. Isn't she a beauty? She's also precocious. After sending the photo of the drawing to the client for approval, I got a little message from this sweet girl saying that I had spelled her name wrong! Oops. Sorry, sweetie. I've got it right now...I double checked.