Friday, August 19


Pastel and charcoal
9" x 12"
It has been a long few weeks. My husband and I have been traveling, including a week-long trip to Mexico where we sold all our earthly goods (we used to live there), then the day after returning, hub had a massive knee reconstruction surgery.

So, while waiting for him to come out of his drug-induced stupor, I drew this friend of mine. Her name is Imaculata, and she's from Brazil.

Tuesday, August 2


15" x 20"
Conte and charcoal on toned paper

In a desperately poor part of Santiago, Dominican Republic, a pastor's wife runs an after school program so the kids will have somewhere to be for part of the day. There, they give the kids meals and teach them about God and other life skills.

This little girl had to stay at home that day to take care of her younger siblings. One of 13 kids whose parents were both working, she scooped up her little brother to comfort him.

This was one of the first pieces that completely involved me emotionally. I just loved the place where she smooshes her smile into his baby face, letting him know that it's all fine. I just kept thinking that we all need a sister like this one. Someone to scoop us up when we fall, and smile into our wounds the loving words that she'll carry us for a bit, that it will be all right.

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