Friday, September 30


12" x 14"
oil on gatorbord
I was in California for a week, intensively studying portrait painting and drawing, and this is the study I did in Scott Burdick's class. About 3 hours total work, set-up to clean-up.

Thursday, September 1


12" x 16"
Oil on canvas

Meet Rosie. She is a darling little 4 year-old who has a long story already. When she was very young, she was taken by child services into foster care, and her grandmother fought for custody of her. Even though her grandmother was dismayed by the seemingly impossible process and the huge cost involved, the impossible finally happened, and Rosie returned to her family.

In their house, there is a word hanging on the wall: "miracle". Rosie's grandmother is sure to emphasize to her what that word means--it means Rosie came home.

This painting is available for purchase.