Friday, November 25


20" x 24"
Oil on canvas
When my husband was in Ecuador, he snapped a photo of a mother carrying her baby on her back, with a few pieces of fruit in her basket.

I was captivated by the look on her face, her intensity, her struggle in life to just get by, and knew she needed to be painted.

This painting is for sale. For purchase information, please contact me at or visit the For Sale page.

Tuesday, November 22

Stay Tuned

It's been a while since I posted, but I have a ton of commissions on the go. Shortly I will post a new painting, and perhaps a sneak peek at one of the gorgeous trucks I have on the go.

Tuesday, November 8

10" x 12"
Pastel and charcoal on toned paper
This is Daniel. He passed away last year in a tragic accident. I was commissioned by the family to draw this gorgeous boy, and I am so honored to have done so. I really felt like I got to know him a little bit--his downy hair, his pudgy hands, and even the shape of his fingers--it was truly a journey of love and compassion for me.

I would really love it if you took the time to look at this little boy's life on YouTube. He was so beautiful, and I think it would be awesome to have his memory in the minds and hearts of many people. Please click here to view his life in pictures.

Thursday, November 3

Love my Palette Knife

18" x 24"
Oil on canvas
This piece is 95% painted with a palette knife, giving it lots of texture and lots of life. Loved doing this one!

This painting is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing it, just drop me a comment.