Tuesday, February 28


10" x 10"
Oil on Canvas
I took the afternoon off yesterday. I just really needed to paint something just for me, without the pressure of "getting it right" for a client. It's not a bad pressure, it's just that I needed something freeing...I needed to "shake it out".

This is my gorgeous 14 year-old niece Megan. I am the luckiest auntie in the world: My nieces are my friends. I tell each one that they are my favorite, because each one is. I snagged her Facebook profile pic and painted it.

I have a nickname for Meg--I call her Gem (Meg backwards) because she is a true gem. My son thinks she hung the moon. She's a lot of personality in a little package. Love ya, kiddo!!

Tuesday, February 21

Work in Progress

So, here's a glimpse into how I move along in a painting. This is one of four large canvases that I am doing for an organization to help promote the different regions and peoples of the world.

This is my progress on the underpainting, and refining comes after the underpainting has dried. I leave it alone for a while, then move on to work on another painting.

So, after laying in the background, this is how it goes:

Putting in the general color notes on the face

Warm and cool colors are placed, and I am fairly satisfied

I gently blended the color notes

Added his shirts and darkest collar color

Underpainting of his coat, photo as reference

Collar painted in

Hat blocked in with minimal shading

Friday, February 10

James and Martin

11" x 14"
Pastel and Charcoal on paper
James and Martin are these blonde sweeties. Their mom is my childhood friend, and my parents are lifelong friends with James and Martin's grandparents.

It was fun to draw these guys when they were younger, even though I always panic about getting their exact likeness. I end up spending the entire drawing praying for the people I'm rendering, plus their relatives, and anyone involved in the commissioning process.

I pray a blessing on "my people" as I paint or draw, and that I would disappear, and the Creator would emerge.

Tuesday, February 7

Inventory Must Go

My family and I are moving to Spain within a short time. As we pack and store our belongings, any of the items on my "For Sale" page will be put into storage unless...

If you like a piece, let me know soon! (I might even give you a deal.)

Email me! kimjp@mac.com


5" x 7"
Pastel and Charcoal
Loved this one the best. I felt like I was drawing Sir Ian McKellen.

Thursday, February 2


5" x 7"
Pastel and Charcoal
Sometimes a person's likeness comes through right away, and sometimes you have to fight for it. I fought for Janie, and I hope that her character really shows through.