Monday, April 30

Words and Paint

22" x 30"
Oil on canvas
This piece is for sale

I met Erin through my cousin, Jeff. This girl is amazing. Besides being one of the most handsome creatures on the planet, she's sweet, an artist, a writer, a photographer, an event coordinator and a killer triathlete, among other things.

She has some incredible body art that she has designed herself, each tattoo charged with meaning, and it was my challenge to paint her as she really is. Needless to say, I worked longer on this painting than many others. I was challenged to think about words and pictures and the two juxtaposed together in this painting, but also on Erin herself.

She has words on her body--what words mean so much to me that I would be willing to carrying them on me as long as I inhabit my body?

Erin said something remarkable to me: she said that a lot of people choose to forget their hurts and past, but she tattoos them on her body so that she will never forget. What have I lived through that I need to remember?

This painting is full of script. The script that is most prominent is a poem that Erin wrote for the painting. The script behind her are words of encouragement, life, and hope.

I chose to include words on the canvas because of a story that Erin recounted to me while we were talking one afternoon, based on a project that she did in art school:

"The work was called fragments. The idea was to make "portraits" of people through their things. Using the traces they left on objects to mark importance (the wear marks on the chair you sit in all the time, or the cup you always use or the book you love so much you carry it everywhere and read it over and over, that sort of thing). I had the idea that you could define people based on things, but not just the things, how the things were. Their placement, use (or lack of), style, everything. So I examined homes. Closely. Then photographed. I often found I had one liner thoughts about people running through my head, so I started writing them in dry erase on key objects I was photographing."--Erin

Yep, she wrote on people's stuff! So I wrote on her the words that came to mind as I was painting her. But these words are permanent.

Check out Erin's photography website. She's got some really interesting pieces there.

Thanks, Erin, for indulging me. You inspire me.

Tuesday, April 24

Wee Exposition

 I was honored to be involved in a 4-artist exposition this month.

However, I forgot my camera, so I took pictures with my cell phone. (As you can see, the kids are super cute no matter the photo quality!!)

Saturday, April 14

Pete in Snow

"Heavy Hauler"
14" x 18"
Oil on canvas
This might be the prettiest of the trucks I have done to date. A bright, shiny red logging truck in the snow. How nice for me!

This truck is part of a 4 painting set. Underneath the large truck are three mini canvases, each 6" square, 2 with logos painted, and one little truck grill.

Gotta say, I sure like chrome. I do believe this to be my last truck, though. Painting trucks taught me a lot about reflections! And circles, ovals, straight lines, perspective...the list is long.

Thanks, Mel, for the business and the learning opportunity.

Tuesday, April 3

York Boys

20" x 26"
Oil on canvas
This painting is for sale 
20" x 26"
Oil on canvas
This painting is for sale
Last year, my husband and I were in York, England. We love Europe, and York has to be one of our favorite places.

These boys were on the street together, making their living playing sweet music.

This pair of paintings may be purchased together as a set for a lower price. No profit of these paintings goes to me. Instead, I donate 100% of the funds generated to charity. If you are interested in buying art that is tax-deductible, please contact me.