Monday, June 11

Personal Motivation

We've now been in our new place for a week and a half, and I have enjoyed being smack dab in the middle of wildlife. We have foxes, woodpeckers, flickers, hummingbirds, bears, and an amazing rushing river to look at right out our living room window.

As much as I have enjoyed it, I have also struggled to get back into the swing of things. I have had to push hard and rest hard in order to pull some art out of me. This is a new dilemma for me, as I'm still quite new to the whole art scene, especially in regards to commissions and getting things done for clients even if I really don't feel like it.

So, I needed a piece to do that wasn't commissioned, that was just for my own personal motivation. I chose this.

"For All of my Days"
8" x 10"
Charcoal on paper
*This drawing is for sale

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Anonymous said...

I took an art lesson from you at Deer Park church and am such a fan of yours. You talked about doing art for God's glory and that really stuck with me. Gods art through you is stunning and I especially love this piece. Amy