Sunday, January 13


Oil on canvas
25cm x 30cm
*this painting is for sale
este cuadro está a la venta
Well, here he is, the love of my life. The kindest, gentlest, funniest guy I know. I call him "Hum" because one day I called him, and I meant to say "Hun" but it came out as "Hum", and it stuck. I say it now because he makes me sing.

Thanks for sitting for me, Hum. (Even if I forced you to, you were gracious!)

Aquí está, mi media naranja. Es el hombre más tierno, suave y chistoso que conozco. Lo llamo "Hum" porque un día cuando lo llamaba "Hun", salió "Hum", y se le pegó. Ahora lo digo porque me hace cantar.

Gracias por ser mi modelo, Hum. (Aún si fuera un poco forzado, fuiste genial.)

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